Transformers Rescue Bots: Save Griffin Rock App Reviews

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App keeps freezing

App keeps going blank when chase is played. Only had it for an hour.

Can't complete

My son loves the game. He has finished all of the missions except for one. It doesn't work. It's where you put the city back together with chase helping by showing the computer. We have tried several times and it is always the same.

Interesting but unreliable

My 6 year old son has tried to play the game but the screen in my IPhone goes blank when progress goes to the freeze scenario. Sent an email to playdigital but didn’t hear back from them. Update: December 20th. Got an excellent response from digital play. They are very interested in working on the problem abs were very nice about trying to help. I feel pretty good about making progress in getting a fix for a game that is interesting and fun for my 6 year old.

Do not buy

This game crashed. Took forever to load and then crashed. This game does not work. Unless you want a screaming toddler don't buy this game.

Enjoying this so much!!!

The best rescue bots app. Really good value!


The game stopped and the screen went blank on the middle of one of the missions. My 4yo loved it other than that issue. Any fix for this problem? I hate to pay money for an app for it to stop like that.

Wonderful app. Engaging and educational

This is a great app with very engaging and thoughtful activities.

SUPER app!

Our favorite rescue bots app! Lots of educational value, great graphics, excellent storyline. Both my older and younger kid enjoyed this one.

No Sound

Can't get the sound to play in the app

No sound

My 4 yo can't enjoy the app because it has no sound and he's he can't read all the text. I have contacted the developers but have heard nothing. I would like a refund.

Lil boy mom

My preschooler son loves this game, but it keeps crashing part way through ad getting a solid dark blue screen. We have an iPad mini which says it has been repaired recently. Must not be fixed completely, but hope it will be soon. He keeps playing it, but would love if it would keep going.

Great App and Customer Service

My 4 year old twins have loved this app. An update fixed issues we were having on an older iPad and the creators had great customer service when I contacted them about it. Thanks and enjoy!

Doesn't work.

Won't even open.

Happy kid

Enjoyed this one. 14 pretty neat rescue missions and a fun story. I have a happy kid


Keeps freezing when I play with my son. Concept is good, execution is very poor. I would not recommend this game.


I bought this app for my son but it closes randomly and it gets frustrating for him. The latest bug fix seemed to help a little... The moments that my son can play he enjoys it!

No sound and it disapeared after we played it once!

I bought this for my 4 and 1/2 year old grandson. The sound did not work so I had to read all of the dialog to him. After we played the game through one time it was gone. Didn't think I had only one chance! Won't ry that again.!


App crashes right when you try to open it. Refund please.

So disappointing

My 5 yr old loves transformers but this game crashes every time he tries to play it. Tried it on 2 different iPads with plenty of memory. Not worth $4 unless it's fixed.

Don't buy this game until they fix it!!!!

Literally just bought this. It does not work AT ALL. Waste of money.

Constantly crashes

Goes through one or two levels and then crashes. Every. Single. Time


It's great to see an app that offers so much- excellent story, many rescue missions, great animations. All in nicely done.


I rarely buy apps but this one came highly recommended. So glad we got it! Kept everyone in the family entertained and wanting a turn. Well done!


Won't open. $3.99 for it to go to the Hasbros page and close. Refund please! 11/12 still doesn't work. Bug fix not the solution. Really frustrating for a 4 yr old. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this app.

Game never works😡

Game never works ,every time I try open it the game crashes paid 3.99 and my 4 year old son not able to play😡😡😡😡😡 .very frustrated!!!!!!!


My little cousin loves Rescue Bots and loves this app even more! He never enjoys reading a book, but he will read this story over and over again.

Love it!!!!

This is a wonderful app! Great story and beautifully designed! Can't wait for the next one!

Too much talking...

My son (a four year old) says it's a good game, but the characters talk too much. They talk before and during the "missions". With a $4 price tag and a 2 gig download size, this game should be great. Maybe if you cut down on the talking you could lessen the size of the game.

Love this app!

I really like this app. The animation is very well done and the stories are fun to follow. I like how they make the story interactive and easy to follow along with.

Great. 5 stars!

An excellent Transformers app. We love that the child is the cadet and helps the rescue bots solve each mission with them. Our favorite is where they help Heatwave put out the fire with the electric foam... and did I mention that the kids are learning while playing?!

A win for Rescue Bot tots,

Always on the hunt for Rescue Bots stuff & this has kept my 4 yr old nephew engaged for an afternoon. Good mix of story, which is kind of comic book style, plus 'counting' & math types of activities. Characters are voiced and fun! Had issues on my mini iPad but with latest update NOW works well. When I complained about the last build, the app people emailed me to say they were fixing it and then actually did. That was what I found most exciting! ;)

Perfect for young rescue bot fans!! (And now works on my iPad mini!)

Glad they updated. Now works on my iPad mini, finally!!!! A lot of playable stuff and enough learning to make me feel like I'm not a terrible parent buying for my Rescue Bot fanatic!

Won't open

My son was so excited to play but it won't do a thing. Total waste of money.

Doesn't work on my iPad

Won't open on my iPad.

Will not load

I purchased this game for my son and it will not open. It downloaded but once you try to open it the game tries but then shuts itself off.


Thanks for a great rescue bots app. Kept the boys entertained all weekend. Very thoughtful and educational too.

Doesn't open

Doesn't open on iPhone 4s

Why is this crashing

Why is this only crashing? Can't even get passed the title page! I try very hard not to pay for games, and this is why

Won't load

The game won't load past the menu screen. And then the game turns off.

Super awesome according to my son!

My son loves it!

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